Hi, I am Mateus Alves

Embedded Systems Developer Engineer with B.S. in Electronic Engineering.

About me

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About Me

Hello! My name is Mateus Alves da Rocha and I'm fascinated about building cool things using technology.

I'm an Electronic Engineer and I remember that I was always intrigued by robots. As a child I wanted to build mine influenced by an old anime named Medabots. Electronic engineering seemed like a logical path and I loved the world of possibilities it opened up for me. After all, as I mentioned, I love to build things.

However, at the end of 2019 I received an opportunity more focused on programming and since then the possibilities are even greater! I discovered a new passion that, along with the one I already had, allows me to bring the most incredible ideas in my mind to life.

I love being a developer and I look forward to the opportunities to collaborate with amazing people to build equally amazing products.

Welcome to my website and feel free to contact me.

My Skills

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Mateus-c Mateus-cpp Mateus-python

    Proficient in:
  • C/C++ and Python
  • Familiar with:
  • Assembly and Matlab
  • Interested in:
  • Rust, Go and Game Dev

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Embedded Systems

Mateus-embedded Mateus-linux Mateus-iot

  • Multithreading Programming
  • Unix/Linux environments
  • Debugging techniques: GDB
  • CI/CD pipeline and testing

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Mateus-raspberry Mateus-git Mateus-jenkins

  • Agile development using Scrum
  • Coding versioning with git
  • Jenkins automation with Python
  • Electronics:
  • Raspberry Pi, i.MX8, Esp32.
  • Circuits design and prototyping
  • Workbench tools handling

My Resume




AUGUST 2015 - AUGUST 2016

At WSU: Study of the following subjects: Biomedical Signs and Systems; Control system; Power electronics; Integration and programming of industrial robot work cell; Introduction to programming and computing for engineers using Matlab.

At UCLA: Developing smartphone app improvements written in C# language by generating user interaction screens to control the amount of photos taken by the app. Development of scripts in Matlab for processing images obtained with the smartphone.

Work Experience



OnBoard Mobility, São Paulo - Brazil.
  • Enhanced search efficiency in a denylist algorithm by upgrading from a linear to a constant time algorithm using Singleton Design Pattern and Hash table algorithms in C++. Validated performance improvements through testing with profiling tools..
  • Proposed and implemented unit testing for C++ codebases using the Google Test framework. Ensured adherence to SOLID principles to enable seamless mocking for thorough testing, thereby enhancing code reliability and maintainability.


Aptiv, Kraków - Poland.
MARCH 2022 - JULY 2023
  • Developed a web application using Node.js and Python that integrated with Jira API, providing a faster form to create QA test tickets for my manager and external 15 teams within the company. Successfully implemented the application, resulting in at least 5 customer teams utilizing it within 2 weeks of launch, with the project now being used by multiple QA teams, and my manager planning to support additional requirements.
  • Implemented a Jenkins server on my test bench and created a pipeline in Python that automated repetitive tasks This automation saved time, improved efficiency, and reduced errors, which was recognized during the annual performance review with my manager.


OnBoard Mobility, São Paulo - Brazil.
OCTOBER 2019 - MARCH 2022
  • Development of embedded systems using C, C++ and Python in Unix/Linux environments.
  • Implementation of decryption algorithms for data received through QRcode readings using AES256 technology.
  • IoT: Implementation of communication system with the server (AWS) through MQTT protocol and REST requests.
  • Implementation of the device's GPS system and the algorithm for detecting travel points, calculating distances and predicting stops.
  • Implementation of algorithms for managing sensitive system information using differents data structure.
  • CI/CD: Pipeline implementation on the Bitbucket platform in order to automate the testing and deployment process of new software releases.
  • Development of a debugging tool and saving thousands of dollars to the company.
    • This tool was crated to debug target in production. Thus, it is able to connect remotely to the target while it is in a moving vehicle. It was used MQTT protocol, C++ and Shell script to create it, and it is integrated with AWS server. This implementation provided savings of thousands of dollars, since the alternatives found on the market, for this type of service, are more expensive then the costs for IoT core services in AWS. The AWS secure tunneling service is an example of an alternative and it costs, at this moment, 5 U$ per tunnel.


E-lastic, Brasília - Brazil.
  • Development of PCB version 2.0 of the company's main product using Kicad software:
    • - By reducing components and routing focused on the efficiency of PCB physical space usage, it has been possible to lower the production cost by more than 20%;
      - New version of the product with an ESP32 microcontroller that provides Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, while the previous circuit used MCU Attiny84 with only bluetooth capabilities;
      - User interaction via RGB LED controlled by PWM outputs;
      - MCU programming performed in C/C++ language with some syntax modifications typical of Atmega328P MCU programming;
      - Adding new features to the program to make it more reliable. For example: The inclusion of the Watchdog timer (WTD) tool to ensure that the system will not get stuck due to firmware bugs; Implementation of interrupt for the button that indicates when the MCU should enter or exit Deep Sleep mode;
      - Firmware update over Wi-Fi connection receiving binary file from server - DFU OTA.

  • Development of circuit to drive the company's lights using ESP8266:
  • Company product testing, calibration and maintenance:


E-lastic, Brasília - Brazil.
JUNE 2018 - DECEMBER 2018
  • Raspberry Pi 3 Drive Timer Circuit Prototyping:
    • - Manual welding of PCBs with SMDs (0805) and SMT components; - Maintenance of defective boards using workbench equipment: oscilloscope, multimeter, power supplies, etc.

  • Prototyping of motorcycle tracking system from a commercial camera:
    • - From the acquisition of a 360 camera, a new case designer was made in order to make it less noticeable as per customer request. To achieve this result, it was necessary to dismantle the system and make connections directly to the circuit.

  • 3D Printer Handling and Slicer Software:
    • - Creation of STL parts for eventual prototypes using Fusion 360 software; - Print setup using Simplify 3D software.

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My Contact Details

  • Email mateus.alves.unb@gmail.com
  • Address Kraków - Poland.